Peace Building

SACCORD was established mainly for the purpose of mediating regional conflicts, but since its formation no regional activities have been undertaken except cooperative networking. Through this phase of its programme, SACCORD hopes to implement both local (national) and regional initiatives that will enhance peace building, security and conflict management. The rationale for this is that there are few national programmes or cross-country peace initiatives or networks involving Zambia at civil society level that exist in the region. Furthermore, it will supplement the efforts of regional groupings such as SADC to bring about peace and security and stability in the region, especially to those countries such as DR Congo and Zimbabwe. These countries have been given a priority because they present an immediate and present danger to regional peace and security. Building a strong regional and international network will create additional synergies capable of providing pragmatic alternatives to autocratic Government policies. The remit of the Peacebuilding programme is to prevent and address imminent conflicts. The emphasis of the Programme will be peacebuilding at different levels of the community. Conflict management will be applied where appropriate. The programme will build on its previous experience and will build networks with other regional organizations working in the area of peace building and conflict management. The Peace-building and Conflict Management (PACM)is a programme that attends to all matters of conflict and the related resolution and management or transformation of the same conflicts in Zambia and the Southern African region.


  • SACCORD managed to have MPs sign a petition in 2012 for Zambia to vote in favor of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during the 2012 conference which had been called to decide on its coming into existence of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which is important for the maintenance of peace and security. The treaty has since been ratified by the UN and is currently binding. The Treaty was signed on 3rd June 2013 and Zambia signed in September 2013
  • SACCORD formulated a 2011 violence index which helped monitor potential areas of violence and largely contributed to the peaceful transfer of power from the MMD to the PF.
  • SACCORD was elected Chair for the COMESA Programme on Peace and Security making it a strategic stakeholder in fostering peace within the region.
  • Through COMESA, SACCORD conducted peace activities mostly related to war economies in the COMESA region which has seen a reduction in prevalence of war economies in the region.