Peace building and Conflict Management (PACM)
-Promoting dialogue and conflict management
-Generating and facilitating the dissemination of information on peace building and conflict management
-Raising awareness among the people of Zambia on the prevailing conflicts within the region and the available mechanisms for resolving these conflicts
-Advocating for a political culture that embraces tolerance and peace
-Promoting the construction of peace constituencies that contribute towards maintaining and sustaining peace in Zambia and the sub-region
-Working with the media to play a pivotal role in conflict management by increasing dialogue forums through the media
-Information sharing with other partners in the sub-region and the national level regarding peace and security
Accountability and Good Governance (AGOGO)
-Strengthening oversight mechanisms by monitoring most national governance processes through legislative and policy tracking
-Advocating for the rule of law by championing constitutional and legal reforms
-Promoting information sharing by engaging with various parliamentary committees
-Advocate for effective institutions to enhance good governance by monitoring the accountability of duty-bearers through budget tracking
-Promote citizen awareness on governance so as to enhance the prudent management of public resources
Human Rights and Access to Justice
-Advocate and promote people’s human rights and providing human rights education
SACCORD Profile 3
-Promote democracy by ensuring that citizens understand their civic and voters rights
-Monitor and document human rights violations
-Monitor and track human rights instruments in Zambia
-Produce annual human rights publications and hold annual human rights lectures
-Monitor elections and electoral reforms
SACCORD Activities
-Profiling regional conflicts and promoting dialogue
-Networking on emerging issues
-Capacity building for conflict transformation
-Peace forums
-Constitutional public forums
-Legislative and policy tracking
-Constitutional reform advocacy
-Civic and voter education
-Election, human rights and conflict monitoring
-Monitoring of governance sector of national plans
-Popularization of the decentralization policy
-Establishing and maintaining Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centres (HRCRC