Local structures & Action Groups

SACCORD_localThe Action Groups are SACCORD’s direct beneficiaries and the community implementation structures through which SACCORD conducts its activities. The AGs consist of fifteen (15) people, both men and women who are familiar with issues that confront their community and possess the esoteric knowledge and skills to address the challenges that are faced by their fellow community members. Membership to the groups is voluntary and SACCORD only provides support for the implementation of activities. SACCORD currently has a total of twenty (20) AGs across Zambia as shown in the table below:

Central Copperbelt Eastern Lusaka Luapula Northern North-Western Southern Western
Kabwe Kitwe Chipata Lusaka Mansa Kasama Solwezi Itezhi-tezhi Sesheke
Petauke Mporokoso Mwinilunga Choma
Mambwe Nakonde Mufumbwe Kalomo
Nyimba Kabombpo

Provincial and Constituency Co-ordinators

 SACCORD also has a total of one hundred and fifty (150) constituency co-ordinators across the country who are volunteers responsible for co-ordinating SACCORD activities in the constituencies. SACCORD also has a total of ten (10) Provincial Co-ordinators with one in each province of Zambia. These are individuals who possess unique skills of understanding the whole province in which they reside. The coordinators work on a voluntary basis and are responsible for organizing activities in the Province. All these local level structures report directly to the Secretariat through the Programmes department. For example, each Provincial Coordinator upon compiling a report for his or her province will furnish this to the SACCORD Secretariat Programmes Department.