The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) is a Zambian based NGO that was formed in 1999 and officially registered in 2000 under the laws of Zambia. The organization was formed to promote peace and democracy in Zambia as well as the Southern African region.

The vision of SACCORD is a world where democracy, justice, peace and human security prevail. The mission of the organization is to promote peace and democratic governance for the people of Zambia and the Southern African region through peace building, strengthening local democracy, nurturing local and regional partnerships as well as holding duty bearers accountable.

SACCORD adheres to core values that guide members of staff of the organization at both Headquarters (i.e. secretariat) and those in the Provinces. These core values also guide the operations of the organization vis-à-vis other CSOs and also co-operating partners. These core values are non-violence, accountability, transparency, gender equality, learning, non-partisanship, tolerance for diversity, social justice, networking.