SACCORD membership is open to individuals as long as these individuals fulfil the criteria that are set by the institution. The General Assembly is the highest policy formulation and governing body of SACCORD. In addition, SACCORD has an Advisory Council whose role is to provide advice to the organization.
Structures and Geographical Presence
SACCORD has its registered office in Lusaka although it has a presence in all the ten (10) provinces and specifically in a number of districts (see Table below). The organization comprises the General Assembly – which is the supreme policy making body and consists of the Board, the Advisory Council and the general membership of SACCORD, i.e. representatives from the Provincial and district offices. The General Assembly meets every three years to elect the Board.
The full time secretariat is headed by an Executive Director who has a remit for the day to day administration of the activities of the secretariat. The secretariat is divided into two main departments, the Finance and Administration Department and the Programmes Department. The latter is headed by a Programme Manager who ensures the efficient and effective implementation of all planned programmes which currently stands at three programmes. SACCORD also has district field officers who are responsible for manning the SACCORD Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centres (HRCRC) in Solwezi, Kalomo, Choma, Chipata, Petauke, Mambwe, and Kasama. These field officers also report to the Programmes Manager.


SACCORD Networks
-Member of the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR). Also currently serve as the Treasurer on the CSPR National Board
-Member of the Decentralization Alliance Network (DAN) which SACCORD chairs
-Member of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) network which SACCORD co-ordinates
-Member of the Cluster Munitions Coalition of which SACCORD is a joint co-convener of the coalition in Zambia
-Member of the Control Arm Coalition (CAC) and the only Zambian representative on that coalition
-Member of the Land Mine Ban Coalition (LMBN) which is spearheading the implementation of the UN Land Mine Ban Treaty
-Member of the International Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) which calls for total eradication of nuclear weapons
-The Zambia focal point of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPAC)
-Member of the Southern African regional steering committee of the GPPAC
-Member of the Zambia Council for Social Development (ZSD)
-Accredited member of the Comesa Programme on Peace and Security (CPPS) of which SACCORD has been the chair since 2010
-Member of the Civil Society Coalition on the Constitution (CSCC)
-Member of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Conflict Management Committee (CMC) and National Voter Education Committee (NVEC)
SACCORD Offices-Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Centres (HRCRC)
SACCORD Profile 5
-Choma-Southern Province
-Kalomo-Southern Province
-Chipata-Eastern Province
-Mambwe-Eastern Province
-Petauke-Eastern Province
-Kasama-Northern Province
-Solwezi-North Western Province