Press Statement on Mourning the Late President Michael Chilufya Sata – 4th November, 2014

The Southern African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) would like to reiterate its appeal to all ruling Patriotic Front (PF) members and all citizens of the Republic of Zambia to mourn late President Michael Chilufya Sata with dignity and honour. These essentially entail that everyone must put aside their political differences and ensure that we continue to mourn the late President in unity and peace. We want to appeal to the ruling PF to avoid engaging into unnecessary politicking which may show disrespect to the late President and thereby cause confusion to the ruling party and ultimately the country.
The right time to engage into politicking will come; therefore, there is need for all members of the ruling party to exercise utmost restraint and patience so that we honor Zambia’s culture of respecting the dead. Zambia is bigger than any interest groups and we therefore need to act in the interest of the country so that we ensure that unity and peace prevails. Everybody is looking up to the ruling party to manage this transition period smoothly and the first step is to ensure that we mourn our President in the right way. Thereafter, we shall be able to look at how we can be able to put in place a political leadership that will drive this country forward in peace.
As SACCORD we hope that the ruling PF will now be able to continue guiding the nation to mourn our departed President in unity and peace.

Boniface Cheembe
Executive Director

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