Political Violence Amongest Cadres

If reports from Mongu over the UPND and PF cadres clashing are true, it is unfortunate and we as SACCORD condemn this as well. The violence now appears to spreading throughout the country. It started in Lusaka, then it went to Muchinga and now we are getting reports from Western Province. The pattern of violence also makes interesting reading. In provinces that appear to be strongholds of certain political cadres, it seems that cadres from that particular political party are the ones that attack those who may not be so strong. However, we believe that a political party stronghold should not be used as a basis to engage into political violence as violence only breeds violence and does not help resolve the problems that the people of Zambia are currently facing.

As SACCORD, we believe that the more we continue to receive reports of violence on a daily basis the more that these campaigns which have largely been peaceful will be overshadowed. Instead of focusing on issues that candidates need to offer we shall be focusing on the victims of violence, addressing their trauma, and how our law enforcement agencies need to bring such culprits to book. Therefore, in order to avoid violence being a destruction our political leaders must investigate these cases of violence allegedly committed by their cadres and ultimately discipline those who are found wanting. This must be done in conjunction with our law enforcement agencies who equally need to investigate such cases and bring the perpetrators of violence to book. We also want to appeal to our law enforcement agencies to give frequent updates on the status of these investigations so that the public is confident that something is being done about violence. We expect our political leaders to condemn violence and if it is true that in Mongu alleged UPND cadres were responsible for the fracas we expect the top leadership within the party to condemn the violence with the contempt it deserves.

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